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Game of Thrones Exclusive: Reunion of the Starks


So it’s time came when the maker of the show gives you what the fans are waiting for six years “Reunion the Starks”, so finally, there is some good news for the millions of Fans across the globe of Game of Thrones.

Reunion of the Starks
Reunion of the Starks

From the above Images, its feels like Game of Thrones has been working on the building the Stark reunion with the family left after some of the unfortunate accidents nobody knows for much time they going to last together but we can make sure it will bring a lot of entertainment with it.

 The last follow up we have from the season six is that “Sansa” managed to get back to Stark soil with her half-brother “Jon” and we all have heard Arya saying that she is going back to home. Jon snow keeping the legacy of the Stark become the King in the North and Arya with a lot of experience & skills decked under heavier specially made for winter season’s cold temperature is going back to home (which may be the signs of that she is close to the winter fell.

In a new photo released by Entertainment Weekly this week, the all left from the Stark family are sitting together and they look happier than ever as from the very first season the hardly have anything to cheer about because from the day their father went with the king nothing seems too happy for them in the show and now they left with only four of them where half of them are no more.

Talking about the most mysterious character of the show Bran who is the only person alive on the show who knows that his elder half-brother is not even his brother neither he is the son of Ned Stark as he in his ability of the vision has confirmed it. It will be more interesting to know what will happen when he will release the truth of Jon Snow as at this very point he is behind the wall but have some goals in mind as we can expect the soon return of him.


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