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Half Girlfriend Movie Review & Ratings from Critics | Story


Half Girlfriend Review & Ratings – There is another movie on the big screen which is based on author Chetan Bhagat’s book by the same name Half Girlfriend. Starring Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor under the surveillance of Mohit Suri (director) fails to leave an impact on audience where the book was a big hit.

The only thing in the movie lets the audience to sit on their allotted seat was the amazing chemistry between both the leading actors Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. While unlike the book there is nothing any interesting things in the movie which was worth watching.

While in a movie there was an absolute lack of intensity among the lead actors and everything is so away from originality and movie left the audience nowhere but disappointed.

Half Girlfriend Review
Half Girlfriend Review

Half Girlfriend Movie Review

Talking on an optimistic side for the movie: The chemistry was good among the lead actors. Arjun role as Bihari boy (Madhav Jha) is the public favorite in the movie where his Bhojpuri accent plays a pivotal role in it.

Meanwhile, the character of Shraddha who was ultra-rich Delhi girl (Riya Somani) was just for the sake of spice and pretty face as she her character was nothing much to do with the movie though there wasn’t much contribution from her side in the movie.

Both actors look extremely adorable in the movie but the characters were faded away early in the movie which left audience nowhere and the problem starts.

The second –half of the movie is too lengthy where it seems like Mohit Suri worked too much for it and its resulted in ‘to many cooks spoil the food” many. It is been rumored that many audiences left their seat before the movie end as they were too disappointed they just can’t take it anymore.

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Half Girlfriend Ratings from Critics

The movie was no been appreciated, neither by audience nor by critics. The top five ratings are-

Mid-Day – 1/5
India TV – 2.5/5
Deccan chronicle – 1/5
Indian express – 2/5
Hindustan times – 2/5

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Half Girlfriend Movie Story

Story is about a simple boy from “Simrao” a village near Bihar’s capital Patna, who have high hopes and was waiting to be selected in national basketball team able to secure admission in Delhi University’s St Stephen’s College where he meet and falls for a ultra-rich Delhi girl Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor) she was fashionable yet emotional girl and she was shown rich but lonely.

The bond among the actors gets strong over a basketball match where both fall for each other but the fortune have something else with it where Riya’s have been married to a dirty but rich guy from her native place soon after the Madhav went back to Bihar.

Few year later the fortunes turn again and both meet in Patna incidentally and by that time Riya is single again for Madhav because her husband as expected leave her. Unlike other movies,  Madhav’s mother “Seema Biswas” does not approve their relation because she can’t accept a divorced girls as her daughter-in-law so Riya understanding the situation quietly leave the country by telling a lie that she is suffering from blood cancer and will die soon.

As we all know our Indian heroes never lose hope so early as they are the face of real love so the met again in New York and sorted out all things and started living happily thereafter.

Talking about the end the story of a male character who was been in a friend-zoned for the whole movie “Arjun Kapoor” who doesn’t know how to pull away himself out of a destructive relationship. One can’t ignore his accent, but how can I not see his unwillingness to do justice to his role?

The movie “Half Girlfriend” is unwanted, Confused, Forced and take audience to the

Half Girlfriend is confused, forced and one time watch movie. Defining the movie In a word: DISAPPOINTING.


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