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Salman Khan’s mom has a special connection to Tubelight


Salman Khan’s mom has a special connection to Tubelight – Bollywood Bhai, Salman Khan adores his mother so much so that even his closing sentence in every episode of the reality show Bigg Boss ‘Do whatever you want man, but remember one thing don’t trouble your mother’ told how much he really appreciate his mother.


Nothing more can explain his unconditional love for his mom the way this sentence does. There are a lot of pictures doing rounds on the internet world of him with his mom which showcase his immense love, care and adoration that he showers on his mother and vice-versa.

And now she is even a part of his next film, Tubelight, if you have noticed the newly release poster of the film that has her name on it. We know it’s easy to get distracted when you will see Salman Khan in a brand new avatar as he looks so adorable with shoes on his shoulders and a cute smile has definitely grabbed your attention.

But if you look at the poster you will get towards the bottom left corner which says, ‘Produced By Salma Khan and Salman Khan’ For the first time her name is mention on the poster, but it is not completely new. Salman Khan’s last outing Bajrangi Bhaijaan too had her name in the credit roll.

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The actor has included her name for the first time on his film’s poster because all his previous production ventures didn’t have her name written anywhere. So, we can say that this is such an adorable gesture that almost leave us in tears. In an interview, Salman Khan talks about his closeness with his parents and had even said that he loves his mother the most.

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