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Shruti Haasan quits Sangamithra


Sangamithra makers on this Monday announce that their lead actress is no more the part of the film as she herself quit the film as the reason they gave was it was because of unavoidable circumstances she left the film.
According to the spoke person of the actress he claims that she neither received the bound script nor a proper date calendar because of which she no more want to be connected with the movie and she wants to quit.

Shruti Haasan walks out of Sangamithr
Shruti Haasan walks out of Sangamithra

In Sangamithra Shruti was about to play a titular role for which it going to take time as she was real excited regarding the movie and want to be the real part of the movie but the titular role of her in the film backed out of the project due to the date clashes. As some of the sources revealed that the project supposed to be financed by August but the dates have been pushed to October Shruti willingly want to be the part of the show but she has to start shooting her new Hindi movie from October onwards as she has already finalized her date before for the same. So because of her busy scheduled, she was very unable to promise any other as she will be going to be the part of Subhash Naidu next so because of her packed schedule she can’t take it anymore.
Soon after, an official statement from Shruti’s spokesperson was issued.
There are also some news that the role of the Shruti in the movie was very titular as because of which she was real excited as the movie needs time of two years and she know the meaning of commitment of two massive years span but she was still going with it as she hired a trainer for same and started training also so that she can make sure she can give her best for the movie. Despite excitement and enthusiasm, she going to miss the opportunity because of no proper statement or dates.
Shruti who was the part of film’s entourage at the 70th Cannes Film Festival where the first poster of the film was launched.
Shruti is currently busy in promoting her next Hindi film “Behen Hogi Teri” and also in the preparation for Sabash Naidu next.

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