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‘Trapped’ Movie Review & Ratings by Websites | Public Response on First Day


Trapped Movie Review & Rating – Rajkumar Rao starrer movie ‘Trapped’ got released on Friday 17th March 2017. The well-known director Vikramaditya Motwani director of the hugely popular movies ‘Udaan’ and ‘Lootera’ has once again confined his cinematic vision in the form of his latest released flick ‘Trapped’. The story of the movie is much more interesting and intriguing which narrates the circumstances faced by a young lad in Mumbai who gets locked in an empty high rise flat for almost a week. Rajkumar Rao, a versatile actor has brilliantly portrayed the character of a Shaurya, struggling to survive in a lonely flat without food, water and electricity finding different ways to escape through these insane conditions.

Trapped Movie
Trapped Movie

‘Trapped’ Movie Review

One more characteristics feature of the movie Trapped is that the film runs without an interval, making audiences to stuck with the film till the end. The greatest strength of the movie is it forces the audiences to sit up and fully invest in the life of the protagonist. The trailer which was released few weeks back, created huge curiosity among the viewers to explore the challenging and daunting condition of the lead character.

Trapped Movie has received positive review and response both from the critics and the audiences thereby fulfilling expectations held prior to the release of the movie. The clever attempt of Shaurya, the lead character to escape is quite impressive thereby creating a unique experience for the filmgoers.

‘Trapped’ Ratings by Top Websites

Some of the major websites have analyzed the newly released flick Trapped performance and storyline thereby expressing their views and ratings on their respective web portal. Below we have shared Trapped Ratings and views by some of the well-known Websites.

  • Ratings: 2.5/5 Website: Indian Express

The trouble with Trapped, in which Rao is practically a solo act, is that it is uneven. There are not enough genuinely scary heart-in-mouth moments. Shaurya’s despair stays mostly on the surface: we see his jeans getting loose, his ribs starting to show, the grime collecting on his body, but I wanted to see more of the soul. Rao is more than capable of stripping down to the essentials, and showing us the truth, which is why he is such a powerful actor. Here I couldn’t see enough of his insides. 

  • Ratings: 3.5/5 Website: Times of India

However, given the nature of the story, ‘Trapped’ does test your patience after a while. You also doubt the protagonist’s intelligence and sanity. Why would you rent a flat from a dubious agent, in an empty building? A few occurrences seem implausible. How come even fire doesn’t draw any attention? Nonetheless, the mounting tension makes you overlook these flaws and a bloated run time. ‘SH** happens’!

  • Ratings: 4/5 Website: Mid Day

That ‘Trapped’ manages to grippingly hold your attention with such an underwhelming setting is an achievement in itself. That it could invade your senses makes it worth every minute, without any break, in the theatre

  • Rating: 3.5/5 Website: NDTV

That unrehearsed feel, I suspect, was what Motwane was going for. He’s a filmmaker who made a small, much loved gem in Udaan, and then a giant period drama called Lootera which I adored, but which ended up being watched by too few. Perhaps this, then, is the story of a director – trapped by big-budget pressures – who needed a small win. This one is a breakout. 

‘Trapped’ Public Response on First Day

With no major Bollywood release for the week, Trapped movie has thereby received fair Public Response on its First Day of Release. Rajkumar Rao a talented and energetic actor once again received commendable response by the moviegoers for his movie Trapped. The interesting and edge of seat thriller story plot will certainly help movie to gather decent Public Response in the upcoming weekend box office collection.


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