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Victoria and Abdul Trailer review


Extraordinary Friendship between Judi Dench & Ali Fazal’s is worth watching as Ali Fazal again proves himself as he is not a big gun in Industry but always on the top of list of Hollywood makers and we again going to witness Judi Dench classic act but this time we will bow down our head and say “well done your Majesty” as her character represents Queen Victoria in the film.

Judi Dench and Ali Fazal's titled “Victoria And Abdul”
Judi Dench and Ali Fazal’s titled “Victoria And Abdul”

The very first trailer was unveiled on Tuesday of Judi Dench and Ali Fazal’s titled “Victoria and Abdul”
Victoria and Abdul are based on “Queen Victoria” who is longest reigning monarch of the British Empire where she seems to be dull and board from the daily schedule as she was sick of being in an attire of queen and then enter our hero Ali Fazal as Abdul Karim who came from India as her attendant. Soon after his entry in the palace Queen with her attendant develop a good friendly relationship with him as their friendship leaves the other members of her monarch palace confused.
Abdul being a good Attendant and a good friend keep entertaining Queen as he talks about India and he tells her about mango as he told her they are Queen of fruits, he also teaches her Urdu.
An extraordinary story of Queen with her new best friend. Victoria and Abdul have been directed by Stephen Frears. Michael Gambon also stars in the Film.
It’s not like that we going to witness move like this for the very first time as we have seen the theme line of the story before also but to be true this time Judi Dench & Ali Fazal just killing it and make it worth to pay your two hours or them.
Ali Fazal in one of his statement added that he went for the auditioned for the role at very last moment because he was unaware of audition as someone from the industry suggested him to give it a try as he also told that he wish he could take the name of the person someday but for that he need to take the permission from him but stills he owe him.

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