10 different way to do AudumaApdruka

Audumakrekls, is only the Practice of employing different Colours into this material. The principle goal of colour application into this fabric is always to make the shade permanent, too making it resistant to friction and washing. On occasion the purchaser may choose the outfits items to be published for their organization. They can need some internal layouts to their offices with all the logo in their company.

Characteristics and the types of AudumaApdruka

AudumaApdrukais of two different types. One of these is straight Printing and the other one is resist printing. Immediate printing can be of 3 types.

• Blockprinting: Here the layout is spilled over a hard substance like timber. Afterward the dyed block is pressed the material. This type of printing is accomplished by hand and doesn’t need any machinery. The method may want to get replicated a few times to get the specified effect.

• Engraved roller Printing: This is much like block printing. But this type of printing is mainly for commercial usage. Herewith the assistance of the large aluminum tube which is broadly speaking engraved with desired layouts is printed on material.

• Display Screen Printing: Normally, screenprinting can be of the flat-bed form and inkjet bed type. Such a printing can take some time and only one colour may be applied at a time.

• Digital Printing: this sort of printing normally performed with inkjet technologies. It uses the exact inks which can be devised for specific sorts of cloths.


Such a printing can have large Effect Promotion, cheap, and will be quite a good marketing tool for any corporation. It is almost always more advisable to ask for an example before requesting for prints that are big.